Fabulous International Destinations to Explore



Fabulous International Destinations to Explore

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Catch up with the French fervour, explore the untouched rustic charm of Nairobi or unravel the magic of Turkish cities. Whatever be your holiday type, you will surely find a match in our selection of popular International destinations waiting to be explored this August.


France is one country that will always leave you craving for more. There is so much to see and do, and there is never enough time. So it is always wise to have a structured itinerary. In a 7-day long trip, for instance, you can cover Paris, Normandy, and the Loire. Be it the food, architecture, local culture or natural bounties, everything exudes the country’s rich heritage. Key attractions on your French trail include Eiffel Tower, Honfleur Harbor, Coastline of Normandy, Rouen, D-Day beaches, Château de Chenonceau and Mont-Saint-Michel. Apart from these, there are numerous galleries, museums, flea markets and war memorials to explore.

Make it happen:

Stay: Rent a bed, opt for B&B or lodge in one of the budget hotels—accommodation in France can be unimaginably reasonable. A comfortable stay in hotels like Premiere Classe Paris Ouest, Premiere Classe Roisse, Premiere Classe Orly Rungis will not cost you more than 35 – 40€ (INR 3000 approx.) a day.

Food: The very fact that French cuisine is the harbinger of ‘world cuisine’ is enough to state the richness and finesse of the French palate. Cheese, butter, wine, beef and other meats are typical ingredients of most cuisines in France. And if you are a vegan, don’t fret. You have authentic Indian restaurants serving just about everything from Mughlai (Annapurna & Desi Road) to South Indian (Sarvana Bhawan). You can start your day for as low as 2€ for breakfast, and a typical 3-course meal will not cost you more than 18 -20€ per day. Some popular yet budget restaurants are Breizh Café (Paris) and Fromagerie Graindorge (Normandy), apart from numerous bistros and patisserie shops.

Travel: An economy round trip will cost you around 852€ (INR 64000). The best way to commute within France is through metro. A week-long travel will not cost you over 15€ (INR 1200). Set aside 66€ (INR 5000) for local travel, including airport transfers. You can also opt for tourist buses.


If you want to explore Turkey beyond Istanbul, then you need at least seven days in hand. Plan your Itinerary in a way that you cover 2 nights in Cappadocia, 1 night in Pamukkale, a day in Kusadasi and finally 2 days in Istanbul before heading back. A strong concoction of Mediterranean and Middle East influences, Turkey has emerged as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the recent past. Explore the architectural marvels and indulge in culinary delights as you travel from one Turkish city to the other. Numerous sites, right from rock carvings, distant volcanoes, valleys, bazaars, museums, art galleries and buildings of historical and religious relevance, are waiting to be explored.

Make it happen

Stay: From luxury to budget, you will find most hotels in Turkey lined up near the local bazaars and major tourist spots. Staying in one of these also saves your local travel cost. Lodge yourself in Cappadocia Hotel, Hotel Hilton Inn or Hotel Garden Inn, as per your stopover destination. The approximate spend for hotels is INR 2500 per day.

Food: More than fine-dining, the real taste of Turkish cuisine can be savoured in its street food and fast food restaurants found in every nook and corner across the cities. There are a string of vegan restaurants serving Indian food, but if you are a non-vegetarian, gear up for endless options complete with kebabs, curries, breads and flavoured biryani, costing you around INR 1300 per day for all three meals.

Travel: Take a flight from Delhi to Istanbul and back only for INR 46800. A tram ride will cost you INR 130 per trip. You can also hire local taxis. Your daily travel budget is likely to be around INR 2000 per day.


The best place to visit in Kenya is the capital city, Nairobi. Though urbanisation has started firming up its roots, the city still has an old world charm. Laden with dense greens, the streets of Nairobi paint an enchanting image. The old architectural structures are sprinkled all over the city in the face of loud high-rises, which further adds to its character. One of the most advanced areas of Africa, Nairobi gives you the perfect experience of Africa’s rich flora, fauna and cultural heritage. When in Nairobi, a safari at the Nairobi National Park is a must. Do spend time at the museums to get a slice of the city’s history.

Make it happen

Stay: Lodging in Nairobi may be a bit costly but safety comes first. So don’t think twice before booking yourself in one of the upscale rooms in the Westland or Central area. Hotels like La Mansion Royale Nairobi, The Zehneria Portico Nairobi and Cloud Hotel & Suites Nairobi will cost you approximately INR 4500 per day.

Food: When in Nairobi, the food will not let you miss home. From chapattis to French fries dipped in gram flour, the taste of vegetarian food here has a huge semblance to Indian cuisine. When it comes to meats, local flavours are bound to hit your senses. Try Captain’s Terrace Restaurant, Peppercorn Restaurant or Thai Village for a pocket-friendly yet delectable meal. 15$ (INR 970) is enough to keep you well-fed through the day.

Travel: You can book a round trip to Nairobi in INR 27500. For local travel, use an Uber (approx. INR 1000 per day), or simply walk the streets like most Kenyans do.

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